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Summary A complete .NET License Manager.
Category deployment
License GNU Lesser Public License
Owner(s) paulin

Message from the owner(s)

We just recently updated Open License for .NET 2.0. With this release we ported Open License and started at version 2.00a.

Now that the update is complete, we plan to start focusing on solving some of the issues in Open License. From there we will move into expanding the Constraints list and adding many new features we’ve had planned since the beginning.

If you would like to assist in this project please feel free to drop us a line or post in our forum area on SP extreme. The forum can be accessed at: http://www.spextreme.com/forum/

Again thanks for your support.


Open License is an Open Source project being developed by SP extreme for use with the .NET framework. The Open License project goal is to develop a complete .NET License Manager.

Open License is evolving to include many new features and improve the existing features. Currently Open License support Constraints to limit a license (i.e. Demo, Beta, Domain, Version, etc) and how it allows a product to be used.

We are looking for assistance in this project so if you would like to help out please let use know by emailing support@spextreme.com